Since 1983

Started as a project

In 1983 Jos Willemse started a project to help people get back on track. It gradually grew into a unique enterprise. The centuries-old craft of making bees wax candles turned out to be a wonderful way to gain work experience, social skills and self-confidence. A Tibetan monk who came to visit the company at the time gave it its name: Dipam, light that cannot go out.

Dipam today

Today, our small traditional factory in Driebergen still feels like a home away from home. We make bees wax candles, rapeseed wax candles and other bees wax products here. Together we are a colourful mix of people who make, pack, sell and distribute beautiful, natural products. Everyone at Dipam – from candle makers to the manager, from packers to administrative staff – is challenged to keep developing themselves and the company.

Making a profit is not our goal

Making beautiful, sustainable candles together. That is what it is all about for us. That’s why we have made sure that no one can ever buy or sell Dipam. We are our own company. We combine part of our profit with the profits of other companies that share our views. This is done through the Sleipnir foundation. Thus, we create social venture capital with which these companies help each other to innovate, to develop sustainable products, and to let people and the nature around us flourish. Without the intervention of banks or shareholders.